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Choosing Between Wired and Wireless Backup Camera Systems

December 12th, 2011 | Posted by MattC in BackUp Camera | Rear View Safety

When you look for a vehicle backup camera you have two options: wired or wireless. The traditional ones are wired. They must be installed through the car and attached to the dashboard. The wireless receive the signal from a small receptor box. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

The wired systems work better on average. The reception from the camera to the mounted screen is clear, giving an accurate, less delayed view. They also tend to have more features and can view farther. The downside is the level of knowledge you have with installation. Yes, they can be installed fairly easily if you have experience, however, some may prefer to hire a professional to ensure the wiring and installation is correct.

The wireless RV backup camera system may not get such a crystal clear image but it does have other benefits. When you select one you should choose the one with the most reliable customer satisfaction, not pick up any brand that promises quality. Some may come with the optional wiring, which is not a bad choice just in case you experience complications with it. However, you get the benefit of easier installation. Your car doesn’t need to be “messed with” at all.

You can find great models in both options either way. Always check for product warranty and customer service.

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