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commercial backup camera systemAs leaders in the vehicle safety field, we’re dedicated to staying current with the latest studies and data. Our experts found the results of a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study especially informative.

The tests confirmed some of the basic knowledge that powers our business, such as the superior inherent visibility of smaller cars versus larger SUVs. It also revealed some surprising statistics, including relevant information for all drivers concerned with pedestrian safety. During the tests, the IIHS discovered that, in most cases, drivers using mirrors and windows alone cannot spot a one-year old infant anywhere within 27 feet of the vehicle’s rear bumper. That’s sobering news, but thankfully, the IIHS tests also suggested an effective and affordable solution. According to the study’s findings, backup camera systems are more effective than parking sensors in detecting pedestrians or other hazards in a driver’s blind spot. The most current IIHS estimates have calculated that vehicle backup cameras reduce blind spots by 90%. That means drivers who trust backup cameras are simply operating on a different level of safety from unprotected counterparts.

Studies like this reaffirm Rear View Safety’s commitment to equipping drivers for optimal performance and trustworthy safety on the road. To view more statistics about rear view cameras or browse a comprehensive selection of the newest models, visit

truck backup cameraOwning a truck offers drivers many advantages. First and foremost, a truck is an amazing utility vehicle, with room for extra cargo and the power to transport cumbersome or bulky items for long distances. A truck is also effective in inclement weather, capable of handling on-road conditions better than more delicate or compact vehicles. One of the few ways in which a truck struggles to keep up with its smaller counterparts is in ease of use: as a larger vehicle, a truck presents unique challenges for parking and everyday maneuvers. Smart drivers make sure to take measures that balance this out and create a safer and more satisfying experience behind the wheel. The best way to maximize truck performance and safety? Investing in a truck backup camera.

Many of the cameras designed by Rear View Safety’s tech experts are especially useful for trucks with larger frames. Video feeds can help truck drivers cover for blind spots and make better choices on the road. At the same time, the cameras are tough enough for use in all conditions and on board high-performance vehicles: with exemplary shock resistance and weatherproofing features, they’ll stand up to regular use and continue to impress. Start protecting your truck and yourself today by visiting Rear View Safety.

rv backup camera systemFor some dedicated drivers, spring weather means only one thing: road trips. Now that it’s once again possible to open the windows and feel the breeze from behind the wheel, more drivers will be flocking to the nation’s highways in search of a great road experience. There are lots of ways to make the most of the warmer weather, and one of the best is to invest in new technology that makes driving safer and more enjoyable. From individual vehicle backup cameras to more comprehensive backup camera systems, monitoring tech is an addition that will suit any driver celebrating the arrival of spring.

Commercial fleets carrying seasonal items or even passengers long distances can derive a great deal of benefit from rear view cameras, which provide coverage for blind spots and present additional information to help operators make optimal decisions. Backup cameras, sensors, and more are also great for RVs, vans, and other traditional cross-country vehicles. Larger cars and trucks often need special protection, and the newest safety technology for cars is one of the most  intuitive, affordable, and effective means available. Rear View Safety, a retailer, manufacturer, and advocate of rear view cameras and accessories, stands ready to assist customers with information and resources at its newly-updated website.

backup sensorVehicle backup cameras are the major focus of this blog and its associated company, Rear View Safety, a retailer and industry expert, but there is an entire field of technology to support automotive safety. Backup sensors are one of the most established items in this field, supporting comprehensive back up camera systems with a new type of sensory input: audio. Already pre-installed on many of the world’s most trusted models, backup sensors provide audio cues to alert drivers of possible obstacles at the rear of the vehicle. Backup cameras are perfect for covering blind spots and assist with parking and other maneuvers, but rely on the driver to interpret the data they provide. A backup sensor uses advanced technology to automatically warn the driver when an object or vehicle is nearby.

In combination, these two additions can protect a car from almost any situation on the road. More and more corporate fleets and major shipping companies are turning to Rear View Safety to purchase the technology that makes their services more valuable and more secure. At the same time, personal operators are enjoying more peace of mind than ever, protected by the latest advancements. Find out more on this blog or at the company’s website!

split screen cameraVehicle backup cameras are essential technology for safe driving, especially for corporate operators, but they’re just one aspect of a successful backup camera system. An advanced camera will capture the footage a driver needs to make the best decisions behind the wheel. That information is only useful, though, when it’s displayed on a monitor for the driver to see. Today’s monitors are advanced models with many options to suit a driver’s personal preferences. Some of our bestselling and most effective setups incorporate the monitors we’re spotlighting today: split screen vehicle backup camera monitors.

The pictured model features a quad view, allowing drivers to get a full, comprehensive picture of road conditions with a single glance. The industrial-grade system is also completely weatherproof. We often recommend it for delivery and service companies operating on strict deadlines, but it’s also ideal for the dedicated personal driver who makes safety a priority. Durable and reliable, this model is highly rated for impact and built to resist the typical shock stresses of everyday driving. In addition, the monitor mirror-images video feeds so that drivers can react naturally to what they see. We’re always looking out for the latest advances at Rear View Safety — stop by to see the new arrivals in our online store.

wireless backup cameraA vehicle backup camera is a smart investment for any driver. From personal drivers looking to protect their own vehicles to commercial fleet operators responsible for transporting company property, everyone on the road today can benefit from extra blind spot coverage and more data to work with behind the wheel. At Rear View Safety, we connect drivers with a full spectrum of safety equipment. Some of our bestsellers are comprehensive systems that include multiple cameras and monitors, but we also carry more user-friendly models that integrate seamlessly into a vehicle’s existing frame. Wireless models like these are perfect for drivers who want an extra layer of protection, but don’t want to make significant modifications or conduct an intensive installation.

The monitor included with this setup is full color for the highest possible clarity. The camera has a magnetic mount, making it capable of staying put where it’s installed with no need for additional hardware. This camera is also waterproof and rated to withstand any weather. In addition, it’s equipped with six automatic night vision lights, with foam around the lens to fight glare at night. Easy to add to an existing setup and rewarding to use, this is one of the cameras we most often recommend. Find out more from our website, or contact us with any questions!

commercial backup camera systemBack up camera systems are an important part of any vehicle’s safety equipment. From personal cars all the way up to corporate truck fleets, anything on the road can benefit from extra blind spot coverage and more data behind the wheel. Better information means a more informed decision every time, which is why we at Rear View Safety encourage all of our visitors to explore the many camera systems available today.

There is a tremendous variety in the field at present, with customers able to choose the number of cameras, wired or wireless functionality, optional sensor system, and much more when browsing for a starter setup. Every vehicle backup camera has its pros and cons, and each requires some unique knowledge to install, operate, and maintain. We’ve found many of our customers have no problem installing their cameras themselves, but sometimes specific tech demands professional know-how. For these cases, we host an online utility to help our customers find installation help wherever they are. Locate a company close to you, then shop with confidence, knowing you’ll be able to rely on expert help when it comes time to install your new equipment. Rear View Safety is the authority in the field, connecting commercial drivers as well as personal operators with the latest advances. We’re here to help you.

rear view cameraAs experts in the rear view camera industry, we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to inform the public and educate drivers. Modern technology allows today’s motorists to enjoy more safety than ever. A properly installed rear view camera prevents damage and injury to both the driver and objects or people nearby. In addition, a camera makes stressful or difficult driving maneuvers much easier. The more drivers rely on cameras to cover blind spots and help them make more informed decisions, the more cordial and responsible the community of drivers in general can become. That’s the foundation of our mission as a company and an authority in the field.

To that end, we’ve recently created an all-new rear view camera Buyer’s Guide, which features key information about every aspect of on-board monitoring technology. We’ve received communications from major corporate fleets and personal operators alike following up on the Buyer’s Guide info and looking forward to the next step. We’re equipping a whole new audience of drivers with our camera and we want you along for the ride: you can view the Rear View Safety Buyer’s Guide to get started, then browse our inventory for the system that best meets your needs. We look forward to talking with you!

rvs camera with sensorsWe’re rolling out regular updates to both our website and our inventory at Rear View Safety, getting our customers ready to meet challenges on the road with the newest technology and the best information from industry experts. In addition to our new Buyer’s Guide page and additional content across much of our website, we’re getting some exciting new items in stock. Pictured here is one of our most recommended new arrivals, a rear view camera system complete with integrated sensors.

Rear view cameras are an essential form of protection for today’s drivers, offering visual coverage of blind spots and providing an extra layer of input to prevent collisions and damage. Backup sensors complement the visual data from a camera system with audio cues, warning the driver with an alert when a stationary object is nearby. Sensors are helpful aids for parking and complicated maneuvers, especially in the harsh weather conditions many regions have faced this year. Together, cameras and sensors offer drivers a comprehensive picture of their surroundings, allowing them to make the most informed decisions possible behind the wheel. The integrated system now for sale from Rear View Safety is a perfect choice for both the personal motorist and the corporate fleet operator. We’re always on hand to answer any questions and make specific recommendations.

vehicle backup camerasAre you tiring of winter storms and looking forward to spring? Most of us are eager for warmer weather to arrive, but the disappearance of ice and snow might not leave the roads in perfect condition. Melting snow and early spring rains can make for challenging conditions on the road, and a greater population of drivers can necessitate extra care behind the wheel. Make sure your car gets to share in the joy of summer driving and protect your vehicle this spring with a backup camera system!

Late 2013 and early 2014 have brought many regions of the U.S. harsh winter conditions. It’s likely that many communities will still be recovering from the storms or even experiencing some lingering sleet and rain into the spring.  A backup camera system provides a crucial guide for any driver, covering for blind spots inherent in vehicle construction and safeguarding against collisions and damage. Parking, city driving, and highway driving are all made easier with the addition of the right technology. At Rear View Safety, experts in the field assess every customer’s unique situation, from commuting motorists to fleet operators with major companies. Our site hosts a wealth of relevant information as well as a full inventory of products for every driver demand. Visit us today at Rear View Safety to learn more.