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Father’s Day is once again upon us, and perhaps this year, you want to buy a better present for your Dad or husband than a tie or a set of golf balls. One present idea that he is sure to enjoy is a rear view camera for his vehicle. After all, this plays into his love of technology and has an added practicality factor that he will also enjoy.

Why are rear view cameras necessary?

Cameron Gulbransen, who was two at the time, was killed when his father accidentally ran him over with his SUV. Unfortunately, the Gulbransen family is not the only family who has experienced this tragedy first hand. There is an obvious problem with blind spots that needs to be addressed, and experts agree a backup camera could have prevented a tragedy such as this as it would have revealed what was in the father’s blind spot. In this case, what he didn’t see was his precious child.

How big is the typical blind spot?

According to an auto test completed by Consumers Union, there are enormous blind spots behind not only SUVs but behind pickups and cars as well. CNN demonstrated how enormous the typical blind spot was when they sat 62 two-year-olds behind a Chevy Suburban and then revealed how the driver was unable to see any of them.

How many deaths will the implementation of rear view cameras prevent?

The Department of Transportation estimates that the presence of a simple backup camera could prevent most of the 210 deaths a year that occur as a result of back-over accidents.

When will having a rear view camera become a law?

According to a recent ruling by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, by May 1, 2018, all new vehicles less than 10,000 pounds must be equipped with rear view cameras. Playing a big part in getting the law passed was the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act, which was named for Cameron Gulbransen, the small child who was killed by a back-over accident. The legislation was designed to increase rear visibility for American cars and had bipartisan support that included support from Senator John Sununu, then Senator Hillary Clinton and Congressman Peter King.

Other groups that helped get the law passed included Public Citizen,, the Consumers Union and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. It took a group effort to get the law through, but it finally passed and will be changing the way cars are designed from now on.

Buying a rear view camera for father’s day could be the best present you ever give. After all, if it saves the life of just one child, it is a gift well worth giving. What tie or other trinket could ever compete with a gift that could save a life? Visit us at Rear View Safety to find the back-up camera of your Father’s dreams.

Rear View SafetyBusiness who rely on ground transport and corporate fleets to move goods and personnel require special attention and expert knowledge. A cross-country transportation system demands organization and forethought to keep the business running efficiently and maximize the potential for profit. At the same time, cutting corners is not an option: every business that has vehicles bearing its name or logo has to ensure that safety is a top priority. Balancing the needs of practicality with a commitment to safe operation can be a major challenge, even for the brightest business leaders. Thankfully, Rear View Safety, leading designer and retailer of aftermarket safety technology, employs safety experts who serve as dedicated account representatives. These professionals are available as resources to members of Rear View Safety’s innovative Fleet Services Program.

Businesses can inquire at the company’s website to learn more about the program and join some of the nation’s biggest companies in partnering with Rear View Safety. Once they’ve done so, they will enjoy an extensive warranty on safety products, advanced dispatch of replacement parts, and of course, help from a designated teammate who can serve as a go-between to individually handle any issues that arise. Achieve new levels of success this quarter and beyond: join the Fleet Services Program.

split screen cameraRear View Safety has a full line of backup camera systems in the online store, allowing every driver to select the equipment that best matches his or her own personal situation. Some of the bestselling models we carry are basic setups, with intuitive, user-friendly cameras that protect personal motorists. We’ve helped drivers nationwide enjoy a basic but essential level of protection from unexpected hazards and obstacles on the road. Some of our customers, however, need to go beyond the basics in order to secure the level of safety they need. Some of these buyers are commercial operators, outfitting entire corporate fleets to keep large amounts of personnel or inventory safe in transit. Others are driving enthusiasts who’ve invested a lot in their cars, or simply technology fans eager to incorporate the latest advancements into their everyday lives.

For these and many more drivers who want the best backup camera systems on the market, Rear View Safety has a comprehensive selection. Wireless models, quad camera setups with split-screen displays, and many more cameras sporting impressive features are all available through the leading vehicle backup camera specialist. Contact the company’s expert staff today to find out what models are right for your situation, or browse and enjoy the diverse range of cameras available now at

vehicle backup cameraRegular readers of our safety blog know that the right technology can make all the difference behind the wheel: backup camera systems and other aftermarket safety equipment mitigate the hazards presented by blind spots and minimize risk for any driver. Having the right camera for your vehicle and driving habits is essential, but there are a lot of other ways to get the most out of your backup camera system. Finding accessories that suit your specific setup can be a major step forward if you’re trying to maximize the potential of your safety technology.

Some accessories are necessary for operation, like extra cables to connect components. Others make backup camera technology more user-friendly, powerful, or convenient. Right now, Rear View Safety, the premier designer and retailer of backup camera equipment, has a full line of accessories for sale, including mounts, license plate brackets, and more. Commercial fleets can make use of these accessories to derive even greater value from company-wide safety initiatives, while personal motorists can make their equipment more convenient and responsive with the proper support. Rear View Safety recommends everyone interested in backup camera systems browse the field for relevant accessories: as new items arrive regularly in this department, frequent check-ins are the best way to keep a system up-to-date.

vehicleBackup camera system technology has made significant advances over the last few years, and industry experts now expect backup camera to be mandatory in all new car designs as soon as 2018. Rear view cameras are helpful for personal drivers but especially useful for commercial operators, who need to protect not only themselves, but the property and reputation of the companies for whom they drive. Forward-thinking businesses that rely on ground transportation are currently working to incorporate this life-saving technology into their vehicles, with help from companies like Rear View Safety.

As a trusted safety partner at the forefront of the industry, we’ve helped dozens of the nation’s leading firms modernize their fleets with backup camera systems. We’re dedicated to finding a custom solution for every business that approaches us, no matter how large or small the task. With competitive pricing, the latest technology, and attentive customer support, we’re proud to be a leader in the field. If you’re planning for what’s ahead and need to get an edge on the competition, contact us to learn more about our fleet services, and keep up with our blog posts for new insight from the experts. We’ll provide the best info available and stand by our clients mile after mile.

Backup Camera SystemsSpring’s warmer weather welcomes a new community of drivers back to the country’s roads: as summer draws nearer, more and more RVs will arrive to celebrate the season. RVs are rewarding to own, exciting to drive, and convenient to have on long, cross-country road trips, but their larger frames make them more difficult to pilot. Successful driving in an RV requires specialized skills and knowledge, since many of the most familiar driving maneuvers such as turning and parking are distinctly different in an RV. There’s no substitute for experience, but it’s wise to protect yourself as you learn, especially if you’re a new RV owner or getting used to a new vehicle’s particular issues. That’s why our company, Rear View Safety, carries a full selection of backup camera systems for RVs and hosts a wealth of information about installation, operation, and maintenance.

We employ top safety experts and connect drivers with the equipment they need to cover for blind spots and minimize risk. RV accidents can be especially dangerous, so it’s important to have protection for every angle. Contact us and we’ll make sure you have the knowledge and equipment you need to make the most of this vacation season in your RV. We’re the backup camera system experts, and we’re eager to help.

commercial backup camera systemAs leaders in the vehicle safety field, we’re dedicated to staying current with the latest studies and data. Our experts found the results of a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study especially informative.

The tests confirmed some of the basic knowledge that powers our business, such as the superior inherent visibility of smaller cars versus larger SUVs. It also revealed some surprising statistics, including relevant information for all drivers concerned with pedestrian safety. During the tests, the IIHS discovered that, in most cases, drivers using mirrors and windows alone cannot spot a one-year old infant anywhere within 27 feet of the vehicle’s rear bumper. That’s sobering news, but thankfully, the IIHS tests also suggested an effective and affordable solution. According to the study’s findings, backup camera systems are more effective than parking sensors in detecting pedestrians or other hazards in a driver’s blind spot. The most current IIHS estimates have calculated that vehicle backup cameras reduce blind spots by 90%. That means drivers who trust backup cameras are simply operating on a different level of safety from unprotected counterparts.

Studies like this reaffirm Rear View Safety’s commitment to equipping drivers for optimal performance and trustworthy safety on the road. To view more statistics about rear view cameras or browse a comprehensive selection of the newest models, visit

truck backup cameraOwning a truck offers drivers many advantages. First and foremost, a truck is an amazing utility vehicle, with room for extra cargo and the power to transport cumbersome or bulky items for long distances. A truck is also effective in inclement weather, capable of handling on-road conditions better than more delicate or compact vehicles. One of the few ways in which a truck struggles to keep up with its smaller counterparts is in ease of use: as a larger vehicle, a truck presents unique challenges for parking and everyday maneuvers. Smart drivers make sure to take measures that balance this out and create a safer and more satisfying experience behind the wheel. The best way to maximize truck performance and safety? Investing in a truck backup camera.

Many of the cameras designed by Rear View Safety’s tech experts are especially useful for trucks with larger frames. Video feeds can help truck drivers cover for blind spots and make better choices on the road. At the same time, the cameras are tough enough for use in all conditions and on board high-performance vehicles: with exemplary shock resistance and weatherproofing features, they’ll stand up to regular use and continue to impress. Start protecting your truck and yourself today by visiting Rear View Safety.

rv backup camera systemFor some dedicated drivers, spring weather means only one thing: road trips. Now that it’s once again possible to open the windows and feel the breeze from behind the wheel, more drivers will be flocking to the nation’s highways in search of a great road experience. There are lots of ways to make the most of the warmer weather, and one of the best is to invest in new technology that makes driving safer and more enjoyable. From individual vehicle backup cameras to more comprehensive backup camera systems, monitoring tech is an addition that will suit any driver celebrating the arrival of spring.

Commercial fleets carrying seasonal items or even passengers long distances can derive a great deal of benefit from rear view cameras, which provide coverage for blind spots and present additional information to help operators make optimal decisions. Backup cameras, sensors, and more are also great for RVs, vans, and other traditional cross-country vehicles. Larger cars and trucks often need special protection, and the newest safety technology for cars is one of the most  intuitive, affordable, and effective means available. Rear View Safety, a retailer, manufacturer, and advocate of rear view cameras and accessories, stands ready to assist customers with information and resources at its newly-updated website.

backup sensorVehicle backup cameras are the major focus of this blog and its associated company, Rear View Safety, a retailer and industry expert, but there is an entire field of technology to support automotive safety. Backup sensors are one of the most established items in this field, supporting comprehensive back up camera systems with a new type of sensory input: audio. Already pre-installed on many of the world’s most trusted models, backup sensors provide audio cues to alert drivers of possible obstacles at the rear of the vehicle. Backup cameras are perfect for covering blind spots and assist with parking and other maneuvers, but rely on the driver to interpret the data they provide. A backup sensor uses advanced technology to automatically warn the driver when an object or vehicle is nearby.

In combination, these two additions can protect a car from almost any situation on the road. More and more corporate fleets and major shipping companies are turning to Rear View Safety to purchase the technology that makes their services more valuable and more secure. At the same time, personal operators are enjoying more peace of mind than ever, protected by the latest advancements. Find out more on this blog or at the company’s website!